Teach Me Time - The #1 App for Teaching Time



Practice mode includes numbered hands. Customize lessons to include only minutes, hours or both


Quiz with traditional clock face. Dynamic testing algorithm increases difficulty of questions based on previous scoring


Learn at your own pace of hour, 30, 15, 10, 5 and 1 minute increments

Learn More

Learn elapsed time (time before and time after), and military time (24 hour)

User Profiles

Supports multiple users to keep track of their own scoring


Teach Me Time contains no ads or social media links, and does not ask or collect any personal info


 Designed for special needs, but applicable for any ability 


 Exclusive patented design. It's the only app you will find with the unique clock face with numbered hands

Professional Accolades 

"With its unique interface and highly- customizable lessons, it’s the only app you’ll need for teaching time"

- Autism Speaks

"Teach Me Time is an easy-to-use app that allows kids to focus on one task: telling time on an analog clock"

- Common Sense Media

"Teach Me Time, an app that is easily adapted for individuals with or without special needs"

- Easter Seals Crossroads

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